The IPEX TV Buyer Experience

We’re proud of the top notch service we provide our sellers, but it’s the tools we have developed for buyers that really sets IPEX TV apart. IPEX is designed to give buyers the tools do their jobs. Suddenly, as never before, buyers can not only access, but can now manage the hundreds of listings they encounter every month.


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Most viewed videos
Falling in Love Again

World’s Most Stupid Criminals (Bullseye TV Productions, 2007)
Diameter of the Bomb (National Film Board of Canada, 2005)
Accordion (National Film Board of Canada, 2005)
Aboriginal Architecture Living Architecture (National Film Board of Canada, 2005)
Becoming A Man in Melanesia (gananci.com)
21st Century War Machines (Electric Sky, 2004)
The Danish Poet (National Film Board of Canada, 2005)
Escape from Iran (National Film Board of Canada, 2005)
Animal Winter Games (Electric Sky, 2006)

What is IPEX TV?
IPEX TV is a unique B2B E-commerce marketplace dedicated exclusively to buyers and sellers of multiplatform video programs. We serve the traditional Television market as well as the fast growing Portable Device, Cellular Phone and Internet video markets.


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